Healthcare Model Descriptions

Exclusive to Licensed Healthcare Providers

The Intracell® trademark is exclusive to providers of healthcare services.  It includes the Intracell Elite • Executive • RxMD • G-2450 • SR-650 models.  Only licensed healthcare providers can purchase and/or prescribe Intracell® models.

The Stick®, TriggerWheel®, FootWheel® and PostureCurve® are non-exclusive, registered trademarks that have no market restrictions. For more information, visit our Catalog page here.

Intracell® Seminar in a Box

The Intracell® Seminar in a Box is offered exclusively to licensed providers of health services.  The System contains 8 therapeutic instruments and a 20 minute instructional DVD.

  • Executive model - preferred for assisted therapy in the clinical setting
  • Elite model – dispensing model for myofascial pain syndrome
  • RxMD - serves patients who weight more that 180 lbs and over 6 ft tall
  • G-2450 – used in the management of FMS or when superficial MFR is desired
  • SR-650 - effective to desensitize tissue – especially around bony landmarks
  • TriggerWheel - developed to release lesions in small, hard-to-reach areas
  • FootWheel - effective in the management of plantar fasciitis
  • PostureCurve - targets intrinsic muscles of the lumbar spine … provides unequaled ischemic compression of the hip rotators, i.e. piriformis syndrome


The Stick

Intracell® Seminar in a Box

Intracell® Elite Stiff – 24˝ – 13oz.

Stiffest of the dispensing models, the Elite allows for deep muscle release. This most frequently dispensed model comes with a suction cup attachment.

The suction cup makes unassisted use of the Elite model much easier when used around the shoulders and upper back.

The exclusive suction cup adheres to any slick, non-porous surface.


Intracell® Elite Stiff
24˝ – 13 oz.

Intracell® RxMD
Standard – 27˝ – 15oz.

Longest of the 3 dispensing models, the RxMD comes with an anchor cup.

The optional anchor cup is made to slide over either of the 2 grips. It is then anchored into a convenient corner and used to support one end of the RxMD while addressing the shoulders and upper back.

The RxMD is more flexible than the Elite, but less flexible than the G-2450 model. Because of its added length it is recommended for the individual over 6’ tall or those with restriction of movement.

Intracell® RxMD Standard
27˝ – 15 oz.

Intracell® G-2450 
Flexible – 24˝ – 11oz.

Most flexible of the three dispensing models, The G-2450 provides superficial release.

Because of its gentle muscle release it is the more frequently dispensed model of choice for the elderly or those with little muscle mass.

Popular with those with FMS or chronic pain disorders.

Intracell® G-2450 Flexible
24˝ – 11 oz.

Intracell® Executive 
Standard – 17˝ – 10oz.

The short, stiff Executive model is ideal for applied therapy.

This is the preferred model for diagnosis and treatment of trigger points for most body types in the clinical setting.

It is, also, the model of choice when at-home treatment requires assistance.

Intracell® Executive Standard
17˝ – 10 oz.

Intracell® SR-650 
Standard – 12˝ – 5oz.

Designed to be used with one hand, it is the only dispensing model offered  with a single handle.

The SR-650 model requires rapid back and forth movement over targeted lesions. It is the only model that can be used directly over boney areas; i.e. hand, wrist and elbow. Its rapid therapeutic approach desensitizes tissue allowing for deeper muscle release procedures if needed.

Intracell® SR-650 Standard
12˝ – 5 oz.