Health Club Techniques


By Pat E Belcher

Are you a health club enthusiast . . . especially resistance training? Read on.

I’m going to share 11 years of exciting research with you. These extraordinary findings will change your life – forever.

The Warm-Up

I use The Stick to warm-up and prepare all major muscle groups for training and/or performing. I start with the lower legs and segmentally work up to the neck. Takes about 6 minutes. I’ve warmed up this way for over 11 years – on average 5 times per week. During this time I’ve experienced no training related injuries.

The How To

The accompanying pictures illustrate methods of anchoring The Stick for use on the upper body. Constant pressure against The Stick will insure a stable anchor. The more pressure used to bow The Stick – the deeper you’ll penetrate the muscle. In the pictures you’ll note that Cybex fitness training machines are used to anchor The Stick. This is accomplished by placing one end of The Stick between 2 closely paralleled parts of the various machines. The lower body is easy to access and requires no anchors.

The Stick System

Now, let me share some excitement with you. After the full-body warm up, you’re ready to start the workout. Let’s say today, you start with biceps. BEFORE any loading of the biceps [i.e. curls]; use The Stick to rollout both biceps – 30 seconds each. It’s important to keep targeted muscles relaxed during the rollout. Now perform the desired number of repetitions and again, rollout each relaxed bicep – 30 seconds each. You’re now ready for the next set. You won’t need to rest – your biceps will rapidly recover. Continue this process throughout the session – on ALL muscle groups included in your day’s workout. Get the idea? You stress the muscle with resistance and immediately rollout the muscle to accelerate recovery.

Note: when a muscle stays pumped – it is involuntarily contracted to the point of impairing normal blood flow. Relaxed muscles enjoy a copious blood supply.


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