Modern Conditioning for the Informed Athlete

By Dr. Timothy J. Maggs
Sports Science Specialist

For anyone lucky enough to spend an hour in the New York Giants’ locker room, you quickly realize that they employ a new and unique method of conditioning. Without prior knowledge, you would be hard pressed to understand why muscular football players periodically grab this plastic rolling pin device and aggressively roll it over different muscles of the body. Any every now and then, you hear head strength coach Al Miller instruct a player to get this stick and work a specific muscle group. It may be the triceps or the quadriceps or the hamstring or the calf, but whatever muscle group it is, the players eagerly follow his direction.

“Trigger points dictate sports.”

Coach Al Miller, Head Strength Coach
New York Giants

The exact tool they use is not the issue. The reason it’s being used is the issue. Coach Al Miller works on the cutting edge of sports science. He understands the role that “trigger points” play in modern day athletics. In fact, Coach Miller states “trigger points dictate sports”.

Trigger points are shortened bands of muscle that form “knots” in the young athlete. These tightened bands are the body’s response to muscle stress. Advanced training methods show that modulation of these “knots” will dramatically . . . . .

  • Increase flexibility
  • Hasten recovery
  • Speed healing
  • Prevent injuries
  • Elevate performance

Early implementation of this advanced training method will allow a youngster to reach their maximum abilities with a lesser degree of injury potential. Compliant muscle tissue is necessary for maximum flexibility, strength and endurance. Developed in 1990 by medical specialists, The Stick is just one of the many tools that will help an athlete to elevate performance potential, The New York Giants have found The Stick to be a necessary addition to their total conditioning program and recommend it to all aspiring athletes.

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