The Stick: Give Him the Gift of Health

In December 2009, the reviewed items for holiday gifts. Here’s what they say about The Stick:

A gizmo that’s good for you – what more could a man ask? We test the latest hi-tech, healthy gadgets…

The Stick

Perfect for runners who complain about their aches and pains. £31.99, from and branches of Runners Need (020 7278 9486,

One of the nicest things about taking part in the Great South Run earlier this year was the post-race massage. An army of physios were on hand to rub away the aches, which really did help. Alas, attempts at persuading my partner to massage the knots away are not always successful. And splashing out on a sports massage is a bit of an extravagance. So this Christmas, I’m hoping for a new piece of kit called the Stick, so I can do the job myself.

Shaped like a magic wand, the flexible rod is made up of spindles that roll independently of each other. The idea is to hold it at either end and roll it up and down the core muscles of the legs.

It can be used before exercise to loosen muscles or as a recovery tool afterwards. Flexing the stick around the leg ensures that pressure is applied evenly across the spindles, so they work like the kneading fingers of an expert masseur. And it achieves the same result – restoring life to damaged muscle tissue. This isn’t something I’d normally buy myself – which makes it the ideal gift. And as staying injury-free is a constant battle, the Stick could be a very useful weapon in my armoury (Read full article here).

Tarquin Cooper

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