Stick to Wellness – The Workplace Solution


The Stick To Wellness format is designed to prepare muscle for work and to improve muscle compliance at the work station. Healthy, happy muscles contribute to a more content work force, yielding greater production with measurably less down time. The short term mission of Stick To Wellness is to provide the worker with a program that makes them feel and perform better at the end of the work day. The long term mission is for them to be healthy enough to enjoy life during retirement.


It is a physiological fact that warm muscle works better than cool muscle. Hence, performing muscle should always be warm before it is worked. Muscle is best warmed by the increase of circulation. Muscle requirements vary according to job description. For this reason each Stick To Wellness program is customized to meet priority muscle requirements.


Stick To Wellness engages the use of a simple body tool trademarked The Stick. The Stick is a non-motorized muscle device composed of a semi-rigid core around which one inch spindles freely spin. The instrument is engineered to actively stretch and passively exercise muscle tissue. The ergonomic design encourages self-use and is highly effective through clothing. The Stick empowers a worker to feel better, work harder, last longer and recover faster.


Each job classification dictates the amount of time needed to prepare priority muscles for work. Simple repetitive muscle tasks such as VDT operators may require only a couple minutes. A manual laborer, who stresses and works many major muscle groups, could require upwards of 10 minutes. The average Stick To Wellness session requires less than 5 minutes to physiologically prepare priority muscle for the job at hand.

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