Pet Stick

The Pet Stick provides a rolling, petting massage that creates instant bonding.

Fun, Therapy and Performance!

Massage for Fun

    • Promotes softer more glossy coats
    • Relaxes and calms hyperactivity
    • Slows developing signs of aging
    • Promotes socialization and trust
    • Provides passive exercise


Massage for Therapy

  • Decreases muscle stiffness and
    increases range of joint motion
  • Helps ease pain and increase comfort
  • Promotes circulation
  • Relieves muscle tension, soreness and spasm
  • Recommended for the symptoms of
    canine hip dysplasia

Massage for Performance

  • Increases muscle tone, stamina and elasticity
  • Enhances joint movement and gait
  • Facilitates posture and balance
  • Hastens recovery time from injury
  • Makes muscles feel better, work harder, last longer and recover faster

The Stick for horses, dogs, cats and all of your favorite pets!